focus 2018   26-31 July   Ringwood, Hampshire

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Focus 2018 will be taking place from 26-31 July at Somerley, a stunning 7,000 acre estate right in the heart of the New Forest and a short drive from Bournemouth and the south coast.  Some of the highlights from 2017 can be viewed here.

These are our own memories from 2017 - our 'promo' video!

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For further details and booking click here

We usually take a party of 50-60 people of all ages and camp together in community.  We take a large marquee and a field kitchen where communal meals (usually supper) are prepared.  The facilities are excellent and you can come with just a tent and sleeping bag and rely on the many food outlets on-site or come with a full camping kitchen.  We look after one another so facilities can be shared and we organise babysitting rotas.  The incredible thing about Focus is how friendships deepen - alongside our relationships with God.  The kids have an awesome time with excellent kids groups.

There are many different accommodation options but camping is cheapest. You can also stay off-site.

If you want to serve on team, please click here.  Bursaries are available too but are limited.

Will & Lucia will be coming but as they are on sabbatical Danny will be leading the group.

We'd love as many people to come as possible and if you're interested please contact Danny here.