Artist in Residence:
Gino Ballantyne

Artist in Residence Gino Ballantyne has been visiting St Peter and St Pauls Parish Church almost every day while working on ideas in his studio.  He is currently working on designs for a painting of "The Crucifixion".

Buckingham Parish Church and Gino are indebted to Professor Robert Cumming for his Patronage.

"The sadness of man's inhumanity to man and the moment of Jesus's expiration redeeming that inhumanity and offering a new journey to all."
Gino feels that he needs to go back again and again to the Chancel to remind himself of the nature of the space.  Ultimately, Gino wants to convey a sense of how he feels when he is in the church.  
The scale of the challenge resides in both the weight of religious art and the great paintings made by artists including those by Velasquez, Titian and  Rembrandt.  Gino feels this to be an important reason to make this painting  a response to a supreme challenge of form and content allied to a carefully considered response to the physical structure and nature of the space. 
During the residency Gino plans to run artist workshops for the church family and  local community, exhibit a small selection of drawings and make a live performance painting during one of the services.  


Outreach Projects

Buckingham Parish Church, Artist in Residence, Gino Ballantyne will be Visiting Artist at Furze Down school in Winslow for three weeks starting on the 20th November 2018.  Students attending the three artist workshops will be encouraged to create paintings derived from their unique view of the world.  They will learn about and try painterly techniques while studying the different painterly styles used by professional artists.

This outreach project is jointly supported and funded by Buckingham Parish Church, the Buckingham Literary Festival and The Arts Society Buckingham.

Further information about Gino can be found on his website: