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Creativity times are for everyone, both men and women, whether you think you are creative or not.  Be ready to be surprised and see God at work.  They offer an opportunity to step out from the business of life and have space to connect heart to heart with God and experience His love, nourishment and healing.  We are all creative whether we think it or not, and if you don't think you are, this is especially for you!


   Creative expressions and encouragements

   Do visit Current reflections and testimonies - Created Creative to view some of BPC
   family and others' creative expressions at this time to inspire and encourage.


   If you would like to share an expression or give feedback please e-mail us



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Evenings 2021:

  • Monday 19 April
  • Monday 10 May
  • Monday 14 June
  • Monday 21 June
  • Monday 19 July

Mornings 2021: (10.15-12.30)

  • Saturday 22 May Creative walk at Evenley Woods, Northants.



For more information on "Created Creative" our church based ministry and how God is using creativity as a vehicle to bring His healing into lives,
please visit or contact Emma Cottrell