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The Mukti Mission is a refuge for over 700 women and girls who have been orphaned or simply dumped due to their gender and/or disabilities. For our latest newsletter please click here.  Further information here.

the span trustSince it's inception, in 2008, the Span Trust has worked among the leprosy-affected, disadvantaged children and the aged. The organization also provides loan to the slum women, conducts health awareness programmes and installs safe drinking water systems in places where drinking water is scarce.  BPC supports their outreach in Pune, India and in particular their work with street children and orphans in one of the slum areas in Pune. To see the latest newsheet, Turbo Care, click HERE.

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UBSThe Union Biblical Seminary is unique in the sense that it represents evangelical Christians from almost all the major Indian ethnic, linguistic and cultural groups as well as from other countries. The dynamic principle of ‘unity in diversity’ finds expression in everyday experience based on the solid foundation of the person of Jesus Christ, to whom every member of the UBS family is committed.

The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (FRRME) is a Christian charity which aims to rebuild lives and restore hope in the Middle East. We engage with minority communities and the disadvantaged; confront injustice, mistrust, poverty and exclusion; facilitate open communications through local grassroots partnerships; and deliver practical projects in education, training and healthcare.


Update on St George’s Baghdad

 The clinic is open but running at roughly half the normal capacity:

July Statistics according to Dhouher Murad, clinic Manager

General Medicine - 1280 cases
Dental Clinic  - 192 cases (Only Mouth washes, Antibiotics and Analgesics).


August Statistics according to Dhouher Murad, clinic Manager

General Medicine – 980 cases
Dental Clinic -  128 cases (Only Mouth washes, Antibiotics and Analgesics).


Attendance at the church services is about one third of normal level because of the fear of the virus. BUT I am told that 'St George's is the one and only church in Baghdad having services at the moment'

 Cases of the Coronavirus in Baghdad have been rising to alarming levels.

 Two of the doctors (1 male and 1 female) who work at the clinic have been infected and recovered, but sadly the husband of the female doctor died from the virus.

Additional cleaning and sterilisation at the clinic is being undertaken and specialist equipment has been obtained for this.


An encouraging Case Study sent to us last week, which you may share if you wish

“6 months ago, a 4 years old boy with C.P trait complain Bilateral spastic legs. On examination by our orthopedic Dr. Amer Saleh . The Patient was complain from difficulty in walk because of spastic  Golf, Muscles and short Achilles tendon with bilateral spastic adductor Muscle of both hips-joint
So after assessment patient needs surgery.
Surgery done by Dr.Amer Saleh at Al Karama teaching hospital
-Elongation of both achilleas tendon
-release of both adductor muscle at hips joint
-partial calf muscle release
All this done at one surgery 
After 3 weeks physiotherapy started at same hospital 
-muscle strengthen exercise 
-Gradual range of motion exercise 
Now after 6 months patient get well start walk freely  and the patient still on follow up in our clinic.”


Please ask people to pray for St George's and in particular for their morale in these very challenging times.


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Open Doors supports persecuted Christians with Bibles, Christian materials, training, livelihood skills, advocacy - and in a whole host of other ways - so that they know they are not forgotten and can stand strong to serve their communities. So that they can give life.  The Charity seeks to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland not only to serve Christians living under religious persecution but also to learn from them what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Emma Cottrell


Emma is one of our mission partners serving the Lord through creativity, currently in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and within the UK. Her main focus is on helping to support local teams within churches and organisations by helping to equip and teach them to reach out to their local communities through creativity. The Lord is using creativity in lots of different ways to bring healing and hope to people, often overseas those traumatised by events in recent years. She is also involved in prayer ministry, teaching and mentoring and is part of the Ellel Ministries team from time to time. If you would like more information on creativity including how to support please visit the website: or email Emma at