The Rector 

Will Pearson Gee, Rector

Without any competition (for example from football) and the ease of which people can ‘attend’ churches from the comfort of their homes, this Easter may be our biggest evangelistic opportunity in decades.  Please pray we get it right.

Jo Wigley is ill and self-isolating – prayers needed.

Pray that we get our service offering right in terms of content and approach – we are still feeling our way around.

Protection over the staff team as we try and keep getting material on-line for folk to access.

Energy and wisdom for me.  I am exhausted and barely able to cope/keep-up. Tough with a family on lockdown but so grateful for my garden office.

Pray for my talks over Holy Week that they would clearly point people to Jesus.

Please pray for our plans for a daily Bible study, daily evening prayer, a discipleship course and an online Alpha course.

Sue Fox, 12/12/2019