Mission and Outreach 

Team Leader: Keith Croxton

For the sharp increase in bookings for The Centre over the past two weeks, we will be nearly full by July as groups start up.
For more church groups booking The Centre.
For this being the 25th year of Alpha being run in our church.  For the many who have heard the gospel over the years, and for those who have come to know Jesus or deepened their faith in Him.
For the Emergency Food bank team who have supplied parcels to those in need during the current lockdown easing the pressure on the Food Bank. 

Pray for: 
Coffee and Chat and Tea and Company as they plan to slowly open again in The Centre from June.
Those in the community who are still struggling financially, emotionally and spiritually and face uncertain futures as the lockdown eases and for those who are fearful of entering community life again.
New initiatives starting over the coming months to meet the needs in the community.

Please pray for our Mission Partners in India:
Mukti Mission/Street Orphans/Union Biblical Seminar.  As they minister in a country ravaged by the covid pandemic