Parish Weekend


Our Parish Weekend will take place from 27-29 September 2019 at Church.  No need to rebook if you have already booked for the London Colney Venue. 

We are very excited as more people are signing up for what will be an amazing weekend of fun and fellowship. Please continue to book on – the cost per person will be no more than £30 which will include meals. Contact Sue Fox if you had previously paid or would like help with a bursary,

Our speakers this year are an anointed couple: Revd Paul and his wife Christine Perkin.  

Click here to download the final programme.

There are two seminar sessions on Saturday and the second session will be a repeat of the first.  It is helpful for us to know which seminars you think you want to attend so we can allocate appropriate room sizes.  If you change your mind that is fine.  The seminars are as follows:

Creativity with Emma Cotterell.  Healing through Creativity:  This is for everyone whether you think you are creative or not, be ready to be surprised! These seminars offer an opportunity to set aside time to hear from the Lord a fresh and respond to what He is saying to you over the weekend through different creative starting points. The 2 seminars will connect for those who would like to come to both.

Women's seminar: “Taking the Journey Inwards” with Christine Perkin.  Let’s take this opportunity to get together as women, whatever our age or stage of life, and look together at what it means to live in our true identity as daughters of the King. Let’s take the journey inwards so that we can work at developing a deeper self-awareness and a more integrated, godly character. Let’s learn together how to establish patterns in our daily lives that sustain us rather than deplete us. Let’s learn from the past, make changes in the present and prepare for the future so that we’re ready to serve God whatever season of life we are in.

Men's seminar with Revd Paul Perkin.  Masculinity has had a bad press recently.  What does it mean to be a man in the 21st century and what does the Bible have to say?  How can we encourage one another and grow to be men of or moral strength and integrity?  Paul has many years of experience addressing men’s groups so will be great to learn from.

Discipleship with Revd Michael Greig.  BPC seeks to be a church that ‘makes disciple-making disciples’.  What does this mean and how do we do about it?  Why is discipleship so important?  This seminar will explain and also equip you to get on the right path so you can fully live-out your calling to follow Jesus.

Apologetics.  Why does God allow suffering?  Doesn’t religion cause wars? Come and ask those tricky questions and equip yourself to answer these sorts of questions when your friends grill you about your faith.

Social Action with Keith Croxton and Brian Hubbard.  Hear how BPC is seeking to be a transforming presence in the lives of the marginalised and vulnerable in our community. Learn how we can all use our spiritual gifts and tools that God provides, and why Prevention is better than Cure.

Tickets available below, please add additional tickets (as shown) for each member of your party.